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Library Media Center

The Mary Jane Flores Library

The Mary Jane Flores Library is located on the main floor of Escuela Bella Vista.

The library offers a quiet place for students and teachers to work independently and for small groups and classes to work on research projects, assignments, and inquiry-based learning tasks.  It is also a great place for parents and invited guests to read the daily newspaper or pick up a good book.

One of the main goals of the library staff is to help students develop information literacy skills. To assist in this process, the library has 10 desktop computers that provide access to the Internet, library catalogue, research databases, and Microsoft Office.

For more information about the library and the person it’s named after, please visit the library blog at: http://ebvlibrary.edublogs.org/


The library is open to students, teachers and parents from 7:30 AM to 4:15 PM on most school days.  Students in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 must be accompanied by an adult to visit the library before and after school.  Students in Grades 4 and 5 must have a note from their parents to visit the library after school.  Other students are welcome to visit anytime!


1. How long can I sign a book out for?

Students in secondary school can sign out fiction and non-fiction books for 14 days at a time. After the 14 days are up, students can renew the book as long as no one has placed a hold on that title.  Students in elementary school can sign out fiction and non-fiction books for 7 days at a time.

2. What about a magazine or periodical?

Brand new magazines and periodicals can only be signed out for the day.  Month-old magazines and periodicals may be signed out for 7 days at a time. After 7 days has expired, materials can be renewed as long as no one has placed a hold on that title.

3. Are there late charges for overdue items?

Currently there are no late charges for overdue items, but if the book is not returned after the third overdue notice, it is considered lost and the student must either return the book or pay for the lost item.