Why Choose EBV?

EBV was founded in 1948, and prides itself on long- standing traditions and legacy alumni community....

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We are not for profit

EBV is able to focus on the quality of education over satisfying owners or shareholders, and all tuition and fees fund the cost of education...


We Pursue Our Passions

A focus on the whole child with countless opportunities for students to explore their passions in Athletics and the Arts...


We are Global Citizens

EBV integrates sustainability goals and service-learning into the curriculum to develop students as global citizens...

Our Passions

EBV is committed to academic excellence; providing an international perspective and a comprehensive education; and preparing every student to be future ready.

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Music 1.1%
Poli.Sci. 1.6%
Media/Communication 4.4%
Tech/Comp.Sci. 9.3%
Psychology 2.7%
Science/Medicine 7.7%
Journalism 3.3%
Art/Design/Architecture 12%
Business/Finance/Management 35%
Engineering 19.1%


What they are saying about us

At EBV we care for each one of our students. We personalize each kid's educational experience, both academically and emotionally to reach their maximum potential. We seek for change, which is the end result of true learning.

La educación es un proceso fundamental para toda la sociedad. Poder contar con una institución tan completa, preparada y dispuestas siempre a seguir mejorando como ha sido y es la Escuela Bella Vista; una gran institución educativa que cubre todas las necesidades de las familias y la de nuestros hijos. De ser la mejor escuela internacional de la ciudad, además conservan y ofrecen una estructura segura, sólida y responsable. Inculcando siempre los valores más importantes y manteniendo constantemente a la vanguardia la tecnología y la educación escolar.

EBV creates a learning environment that promotes critical thinking, independence, and intercultural awareness. I appreciate the freedom I have to teach creatively while also pulling from the experience and advice of my colleagues. From the birds chirping in the trees to the endless sunny days, this place exudes warmth and positivity. I feel fortunate to be here.

Being the most recognized school for Sportsmanship in VANAS athletics 2002-2006. All student achievements too numerous to list. All Graduations.

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